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Our values go way beyond money:

On one hand, we are committed to enabling our investors’ access to some of the biggest players in the Brazilian financial market. On the other hand, through the VRB Impact, we are committed to changing the lives of those living in social vulnerability.

We have a metrics and database to measure the performance of all donations the VRB Impact has made to the institutions we support. We make our transparency tangible through periodic reports that show all the fruit we have been harvesting throughout our journey.

Our ethics permeates all of our relationships with stakeholders. This principle allowed us to create an ecosystem focused on generating value for both investors and beneficiaries alike.

We connect investors to some of the largest wealth managers in our country, to established resource managers and some of the main philanthropic institutions in Brazil.

Generating value for our investors’ and for people living in social vulnerability is our core business. This is why InfoMoney has selected us as 2019’s best impact investment project in Brazil.

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+ 500


invested in VRB impact strategies

+ 1200


invested in VRB impact strategies

Database: January 31, 2020


To bridge the gap between financial market agents and people living in social vulnerability.


VRB is a philanthropic institution that benefits from donations made by the strategy managers of VRB’s impact investment. The investors receive liquid results out of their investments, the same as in any other fund in the market, and contribute to the social development of our country


Impact capitalism has emerged in the last few years for businesses and people wishing to thrive and change their social context at the same time. VRB is exactly in that spot, connecting conventional investments and the third sector.

“VRB strives to reach a significant impact in extreme situations, where communities are dominated by poverty, violence and vulnerable institutions”

George Soros, Investor and Philanthropist

" Our wish to support innovative projects with a high transformational potential in Brazil is completed when we choose a partner like VRB."

Maria Alice Gouvea, Founding Partner at UBS Consenso

"”We are VRB enthusiast because they’ve created a model that combines highly competitive investments and real social impact initiatives in a country so deprived of both."

Gustavo Pires, Managing Partner at XP Inc

“We are proud to be part of VRB and help a project that not only does some good, but also has a proposal to generate consistent results over the invested capital.”

Carlos Lima, Partner at Pinheiro Neto Advogados

“”VRB dreams big and innovates by teaming up with strategic investors and partners in order to cause positive impacts in deprived areas in Brazil.”

Gustavo Marini, Founding Partner at Turim Family Office

“We are VRB enthusiasts, a company that, through hard work and innovation, generates positive impact for vulnerable layers of society.”

Leonardo Messer, Founding partner at Oceana

“”VRB intends to take on some of the countless needs of a country like Brazil.”

Demosthenes Madureira, CEO at Warrant Gestão de Investimentos

“With great enthusiasm, I’ve been part of VRB since the very beginning. An ingenious combination of finances and philanthropy that I hope to see grow more and more.”

Edmar Bacha, Director at Casa das Garças

“”VRB is a center of enthusiasm in a country with several social and institutional problems to be solved.”

Anna Victoria Lemann, Psychoanalyst and Entrepreneur