Creating real development and employment opportunities for low-income young people is to change lives.



2.720 young people

This is the estimate number of public-school students between the ages of 16 and 19 years, living in São Paulo ghetto outskirts, who will benefit from initiatives focused on personal and educational development, and who will be assisted on the search for their first jobs.
Creating development opportunities and direct low-income young people to the labor market changes lives.

In a country with high unemployment rates, finding a formal first can be challenging, especially in a big and competitive city like São Paulo, where traveling the long distances from the ghetto outskirts to the areas with job offers demands time and resources. Furthermore, young people still struggle with discrimination, financial restrictions and a demanding market when it comes to requiring experience in their resume.

Getting a first job changes a life trajectory.

We value this pursuit.

VRB supports PROA in their projects focused on the qualification of young people. Through the initiatives, the beneficiaries increase their chances of getting into the labor market and universities, introducing a different life cycle, with perspectives of growth.


In Brazil’s social-economic context, there are evident barriers for getting into the labor market and higher education institutions. There is a need to help young people, especially the ones with low incomes, to overcome these difficulties and interrupt the negative cycle of adversities they have been subjected to.


Beyond technical skills, young people at PROA manage to become more competitive in the labor market through the developing of what are known as soft skills. In other words, the methodology focuses on expanding fundamental behavioral skills for professional achievement


PROA students “learn how to learn”. The methodology develops personal, cultural and technical skills. Furthermore, it strengthens the students’ will. Once prepared, young people are capable of facing challenges and building a structure for their lives – be it by getting their first job or going to university.


PROA’s employability rates are around 80%. We keep track of the young people for a period of three years, contacting them every six months. By doing this, the students are monitored and have support to reach the life goals they have settled for themselves, whether they focus on studying or working