We believe that sports and education are tools for social development.

How to invest

800 thousand

That is the number of children and young people from 10 different low-income communities that will be contemplated by Pérolas Juniors. It is an initiative with great potential to include and transform through sports and education.

Pérolas Negras Academy (PNA) was created to change the reality of people in social vulnerability through soccer. In 2020, PNA intends to engage 800 young people from 10 different low-income communities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a partnership with Clubes Comunitários de Futebol. The activities include 400 spots for professional soccer practices, 400 spots for school support, 400 spots for entrepreneurship lessons, the development of 5 Communal Sports Associations and communication activities.


Created during the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti, Pérolas Negras caused an impact in the lives of more than 250 Haitians through high-performance sports. In Brazil, the team has been federated since 2017 and has achieved important titles, such as the Rio de Janeiro C Series Championship.


The Pérolas Negras Academy has created a network of Low-Income Community Clubs in 10 different areas, with the capability to cause an impact on 800 teenagers. The project’s education hubs will promote skills and expertise demanded by the Base Nacional Comum Curricular (Common National Curricular Base) and operate in partnership with Junior Achievement.


The project will create education hubs – with computers and high-speed internet – in all areas. The population and the athletes will benefit from weekly classes focusing on school support and entrepreneurship. The young people with the most aptitude for soccer will become federated and participate in Rio de Janeiro’s official championships.


The project foresees proficiency improvements in education disciplines, with a specific focus on Portuguese and mathematics. The goal is to achieve grade 6, based in the SAEB model, which has a range from 0 to 9. Regarding entrepreneurship, the project will improve the knowledge on new modalities of the job market, including ethics, behavior and personal finances.