Invest and help
employ young people
living in social



300 young people

This is the predicted number of developers trained by Generation Brazil. Graduates will have the opportunity to double or even quadruplicate their (R$ 2,000 to R$ 4,000) when compared to the period before the course.

In Brazil, more than 12 million people are unemployed. This situation directly affects the youngest population. In 2019, Generation started an educational program focused on employment in São Paulo, with the Junior Java Web Developer course. The organization chose this course due to the field’s growing demand and great lack of qualified workforce in the country.


According to PNAD, six out of ten unemployed people in Brazil are under 29 years old. In the technology field, however, there are more spots than qualified workforce. By 2024, there will be 420,000 new spots in this sector. In São Paulo alone, there will be 20,000 spots for Junior Developers per year.


Today, Java is one of the languages with the highest demand in the market and works as a foundation for learning other languages, contributing to the students’ continuing development. Generation’s methodology also works on social-emotional skills such as proactivity, communication and teamwork.


The program is structured in an intensive format (12 weeks – 480 hours) and includes the mobilization, recruiting, training and inclusion of young people. The course’s program was created from the mapping of activities with employing companies and focuses on technical and behavioral skills attributed to high-performance developers.


Generation graduates young people living in social vulnerability for high-demand jobs that lack qualified workforce. Moreover, it offers employers a diversified talent pool. In up to three months after graduating, there is an employability forecast of 85%.