For us, financial education is one of the most important values. What do you think?



15.000 Students

This is s the estimate number of beneficiaries in BEI Institute’s initiatives focused on Financial Education.
Financial education promotes the future of a country.

Financial education in Brazil.

According to data collected in 2016 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) regarding the adult population’s skills in financial education, Brazil ranked in the disturbing 27th position in a list of 30 countries. In 2018, a survey carried out by the Brazil’s Banco Central revealed that only 44% of Brazilians planned their household budgets.

Financial education promotes the future of a country.

We value this matter.

VRB helps taking an educational program with the goal of including Financial Education in public high schools’ curriculum.


In the end of 2016, Brazil ranked in the 27th position in competence regarding financial education in a list of 30 countries. In 2018, a survey showed that only 44% of Brazilians planned a household budget.


According to experts, the solution to this problem is through new educational programs focusing on democratizing and consolidating financial instruction for people living in social vulnerability, especially public high school students.


The program trains teachers so they can contribute to young people’s financial education. Financial instruction is seen as a fundamental too to develop mathematical thinking and integrate students to the labor market and the adult life.


Goals include consolidating strategic partnerships to promote financial education, increase the students’ performance in mathematics and training these young people in to manage and generate income. Their families also benefit because the students become multipliers of their learnings at home.